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Our Term's & Condition's


By logging in to the site of Delight Financial Services you become bound to the below mentioned terms and conditions. An individual should also keep this mind that the company can change the terms and conditions and we assume that the client accept these modified terms and conditions. Hence, it is recommended to keep visiting the link of 'Terms of Use' of the site on regular basis to stay updated about the newly introduced or any modified terms or conditions of the company.

Here are the detailed Terms of Use that is refer to the site of the company, the owners, employees ad well as the associates of the company.

1. Registration:

By registering with use, you declare that the information provided by you is accurate.

The company reserves right, in the sole discretions, to refute you assess to the site without the notice for the below mentioned reasons

  • immediately by the Delight Financial Services for any unauthorized use or access by you
  • immediately by the Delight Financial Services if you transfer and assign any of the rights that is settled to you as per this Agreement
  • immediately, if in any case you violate any of the terms and conditions of the user agreement.

2. License:

Delight Financial Services allows you limited, non-assignable, non-transferable and non-exclusive license to use Delight Financial expressly and provided conditioned based on the agreement that you make with us that include the use and access will be directed by the terms and conditions that has been set forth in the user agreement.

3. No Retransmission & Copyright of Information:

The style and information of the Delight Financial is exclusive and valuable property of the site and nothing of the agreement shall be designed as assigning and transferring any ownership rights to client or any other entity or individual. The entire call information of the site is confidential and proprietary property of the company that cannot be continual in either way of stock call details made on site for any purpose whatsoever. You accept that if you do re-post any of the Delight Financial calls in any mode, you become liable to punitive and actual damages as determined by the company and additional damage as per the Indian Court of Law.

You may not redistribute, resell, transfer or broadcast the information, machine-readable details unless specifically and separately authorized in writing by the site prior to the use. You may also not lease, rent, distribute, copy, transfer, publicly display, adapt, publish, time share or store Delight Financial, any information accessed or received there from to or by any other individual unless specifically or separately authorized in complete writing by the site prior to the use. In addition to this you may not alter, obscure or remove any copyright, proprietary or legal notices in or in any portions of the Delight Financial without any kind of prior written declaration expect as set the forth herein. Any other form of use of information contained in Delight Financial Services needs prior written consent of the site and may need separate fee.

4. Delays in Services:

Delight Financial Services is neither liable to any kind of liability or loss resulting, indirectly or directly, from interruptions or delays due to the mechanical or electronic machine failures, telephone connection defect, strikes, weather, walkouts, strikes, acts of God, fire, armed conflicts, riots, acts of war or any other causes. The site shall have no liability to provide you the access to the Delight Financial due to the interruption of the site in any of such causes continues.

5. Liability Disclaimer:

You willingly agree that you use this site as on your own risk. The information, content, product, features, service, software published on this site may also include typographical errors or inaccuracy. Modifications are regularly added to content. The company or the respective suppliers may do some changes or improvement in this site at any time period. This website may also be remaining temporary unavailable due to needed telecommunication problems, maintenance or any sort of other problems. Delight Financial shall not be responsible to member or user to discontinue to modify all or any of contents, software, information, products, services and features that get published in the site.

The company or the respective associated entities create no representation of the suitability of contents, information, products, software, features, software and services available on the site for any purpose. All such information, contents, products, software, services and features are provided without any sort of warranty. The site or the associated entities also disclaim all conditions and warranties with the regard to the contents, software, information, products, services, features and products that includes all the conditions and warranties of the fitness for particular purpose, merchantability, non-infringement, title and availability.

The company or the associated entities of the site be liable to any indirect, direct, incidental, punitive, consequential, special damages arising out of way connected with use of the site or with inability or delay to use the site or for the contents, software, information, features, services and product obtained through the site or anyway arising out the use of the website, based on tort, contract, liability or in any way, even if the site or any of its associates has been informed of possibility of the damages.

6. Cancellation & Refund Policy:

All sales from the site is final, as the site offers for two days evaluation to make the assurance that the services or product will meet the requirement without need of the purchase, the site does not offer any absolutely cancellations and no refunds. Before opting for the subscription to the services, please be assure of our service with our of 2 days. We also do not offer subscriptions or refunds on the subscriptions. Due to this reason, we suggest our visitors to do following before payments:

  • Read all details of services, products and supports carefully.
  • Read About Us as well as technical team.
  • Read the terms & conditions.
  • Read the privacy policy
  • Read the FAQs sections also.

Avoid allowing any unauthorized member or children to use your credit card or the account at payment site to avoid the circumstances of membership payment without your consent, as there is no cancellation or refund can be done.

7. Use of Chat-rooms, Message Boards & other forums for Communication:

I Have read all terms and conditions, refund policy and disclaimer and i agree to it.I accept all the T&C* If you are NDNC registered customer and still agree to receive calls and sms from Delight Financial Services.

If the site contains bulletins or message boards or any of the communication forums, you agree to use forums only to receive or send messages as well as the materials related to particular forum. For example, you agree not to do the following:

  • Abuse, defame, threaten, stalk or other things that violate legal rights of other.
  • Post, publish, disseminate or distribute any infringing, defamatory, indecent, unlawful or obscene    information.
  • Uploads files containing software or any other material restricted by the intellectual property laws, unless you control or owe rights of them.
  • Upload virus containing files, or corrupt files that may damage the entire operation of the computer.
  • Forward or conduct surveys, chain letters o contests
  • Download files posted by other client of forum that is not legally distributed in any manner.

8. Operation & Equipment:

You shall maintain and provide all internet/telephone necessary to use the site and costs of such equipments or use is entirely borne by you.

9. Terms & Conditions:

You agree that information provided by the site is compiled from any source that is beyond control of the site. Although, information is recognized by parties to be reliable, parties accept that error may occur and no warranty can be given. Due to error due to any reason, you accept that the company is offered to you on fault basis. The company expressly disclaims warranties to users or any third party. In addition, the company is providing the details make no endorsement.

10. Links to the Third Party sites:

The mentioned Links in sites will allow the clients to leave the Delight Financial The sited related to the links does not belong to control of the The site has not approved these mentioned sites and due to this is not responsible for contests of any of the linked sites.

11. Indemnification:

You shall defend, hold and indemnify harmless Delight Financial from any as well as losses and claim imposed on or incurred asserted related to (i) your use and access of Delight Financial (ii) any of non-compliance of by clients with terms & conditions hereof (iii) any action from the third party related to the users receipt as well as use of information, either unauthorized or authorized.

12. Conflicting Terms:

In case of conflict in between other documents and user agreement, this agreement shall control, either other documents or such agreement is prior to the user agreements or is acknowledged or signed by any officer, director, representative, agent or employee of the Delight Financial

13. Attorney's Fees:

If the company takes action to impose any of provisions of the user agreement that include collection of amounts due under Delight Financial shall be also be entitled to the upturn from you. In addition to it or any other relief, reasonable, equity as well as essential fees of attorney along with other costs of the litigation.

14. Entire Agreement:

The user agreement compromise whole agreement between parties and no other form of agreement, oral or written exist in between the users and the company. By using information available on the site, you assume the whole responsibility for any losses and gains, emotional, financial or otherwise, suffered, incurred or experienced by you. Delight Financial Services does not offer guarantee accuracy, timeliness or completeness of, or otherwise approve in either way, the opinions, recommendations or views expressed in information does not offer investment advice and at the same time does not advocate sale or purchase of any investment or security by the client or any third party. The user information is not planned to provide legal, investment or tax advice that you should get from the professional advisor prior to doing any sort of investment of type discussed in information

15. Termination:

The user license and agreement rights offered shall remain in complete force and effect unless cancelled or terminated due to any of the mentioned reasons (i) immediately by the site for the unauthorized use or access by you (ii) immediately by the company if you transfer and assign any rights granted to the clients under the agreement (iii) immediately, if the user violates any terms or conditions of the user agreement. Cancellation or termination of the agreement shall not put any effect any relief or right to that the company is entitled.

16. Jurisdiction:

The terms of agreement are completely based on subject to the Indian law. You hereby agree to exclusive venue and jurisdiction of the courts at Indore in all the disputes arising relating to use of this site. Use of the site is an unauthorized in any of the jurisdiction, which does not put effect to all the provisions of the terms & conditions that include limitation the paragraph.

17. Service Tenure:

Service charge & its tenure To set up a new thing or to start providing services to a client requires huge amount of determination and capital. Delight Financial Services delivers its high value services to clients, the charge of any services depend upon the cost benefit analysis of it.

We do provide complimentary services to our clients and charge only for the 12.5% tenure of total service tenure if service is of stock cash, Stock future, nifty future, combo equity and stock options. Remaining 87.5% tenure is been served on complimentary basis.

Service charges include charges for tenure of only 14% of total service tenure if service is of Agri commodities, Bullion metals, Combo commodities & Indore royal seed soya bean 86% of remaining tenure is rendered on complimentary basis.

Service charge for HNI & Bonanza for all segments includes service charge of initial 9% rest of tenure is been rendered as complimentary basis these services are HNI cash HNI Future/ Options, HNI Combo Equity, HNI Commodity, Bonanza.Forex Service charge are of initial 18% of service tenure, remaining services are on complimentary basis.


  • For incomplete service package their will be no holding service facility.
  • For payment of less then 5k services will be offered minimum 7 days and maximum 15 days.
  • Holding service tenure will never be more then 15 days at any case.

19. Delivery Policy:

Once Payment is done and Client Submit its KYC Services are activated in next 24 hr(updated).

20.Mode of service:

Service are Provided to Client by SMS,and Phone assistance are given over phone.

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